Excellent resource book on Taiji Quan

The book, by Andrew Townsend, is entitled “Cultivating the Civil, and Mastering the Martial:  The Yin and Yang of Taiji Quan“, and I highly recommend it.  It is not intended to be a “how to” manual (itself a problematic idea for any kinesthetic endeavor) but rather a three part discussion of the theory, philosophy, and practical goals of the art.  Studying taiji quan, even with hands on access to a teacher, is always difficult, and it is wise to take advantage of any help one can find.  And while my teacher’s translation and commentary of the Taiji Quan Classics, is clearly the definitive  work to date; it is a bit daunting when one is first starting out.  Townsend’s book is a very accessible distillate with a great deal of good advice and information.  The Kindle edition, which I have, is quite affordable.  You can find it here on  Amazon.com.